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Update: Woman, 22, says her family no longer recognised her after cosmetic surgery transformation


A Vietnamese woman had such extreme plastic surgery that her family no longer recognised her.

Tran Vu Van Anh, 22, said she was insecure as a teenager because of her ”big, rough nose” and the lack of definition in her chin.

The young woman, from Ho Chi Minh City,had rhinoplasty when she was just 19 – sparking anger from her mother who told her she was already beautiful.

But despite criticism from her family, Tran saved her money from working as a receptionist and went on to have boob jobs, double eyelid surgery, chin surgery, Botox face fillers and skin whitening procedures.

Tran said that her transformation was so drastic that her mother refused to speak to her for a month. While members of her own family did not recognise her when she returned home to visit.

Tran, who now works as a beautician, said: ”Previously, I was always shy because of my dark skin and my nose, which was big and rough. I didn’t have a chin and I was very hoarse.

”When I was younger I didn’t look good. I wanted to have cosmetic surgery to change my life.

”At 19, I had my first cosmetic surgery. At that time, I worked as a receptionist and as a waitress to save money for the surgery. When I made my nose, I didn’t tell my family because I knew they would disapprove.

”I was scared to do the surgery, not because of the pain, but I was afraid of not being able to change anything and then having to do it again.

“I was most afraid when I did the first round. My family did not know and only a close friend came along to support me. On the operating table, I could only trust the doctor and hope everything went smoothly.

Tran said the surgery succeeded and she was able to be more confident with her ”new appearance after all those years of low self-esteem.”

She added: ”After many surgery procedures, my beauty changed. I came back to my hometown and almost no relatives or friends realised who it was.

My mother knew that I had breast surgery but I did not say anything. She was very angry and did not talk to me, but gradually she accepted me.”

Tran warned that it is ”easy to become addicted” to plastic surgery and said that people ” need to know where to stop and not overdo it”.

She said she now works as a beautician helping other people ”get the best, most beautiful results”.




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