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Update: Pickpocket captured on camera by Thai taking selfie – Video

Pickpocket captured on camera by Thai taking selfie

Pickpocket captured on camera by Thai taking a selfie

A Thai woman was traveling in London with her friends when she accidentally captured the face of a girl belonging to a pickpocket gang on her phone.

The Thai woman was taking a video selfie of her self and her friends while walking through the streets of London.

The incident took place in June 2019 and the face of the pickpocket thief was shared through international news before it even blew up in Thailand.

The original Video was posted by a Youtube Channel named “Diary of Nina”, the caption stated “Let’s watch it with our own eyes, pickpocket thief in London.

This video clip has been submitted to London Police and I hope that this video can make the public aware of pickpockets.”. Some of the Media that shared the story included The Sun, Daily Mail, South China Morning Post, and more.

Foreign media channels helped extract how the pickpocket gang worked through the footage. There is estimated to be at least 3 beautiful women in the gang.

The pickpocket gangs usually look for rich Asian tourists. One will walk in front, and one will walk in the back to cover others on the road from seeing the moment when they steal the wallet or the bag.

They are professionals at pickpocketing, the process usually takes seconds to complete before they disappear.


The girl who was robbed ended up losing all her credit cards with 15,000 THB worth of cash and her important personal documents.

The clip has been used by the London Police to investigate who the thieves are, but the identity of the woman in the video is still unknown.


The video helps remind us to be careful of everyone when traveling abroad, just because they’re pretty doesn’t mean that they’re innocent.

The number one precaution for women when traveling is to always carry two bags, one attached to the front of your body with the important documents and the bag used for fashion should be held onto at all times.


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