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Update on the case of the 2 New Zealand tourist in Phuket

NZ tourist phuket pattaya one march 20 2024

Pol. Col. Ekarat Palaiduang, Superintendent of Chalong Police Station, gave an interview to Radio Station JS100, stating that he visited the injured officer, Lt. Somchai Nu-Eiad, Traffic Inspector, who was involved in the incident. Lt. Somchai exhibited excellent morale and positivity. According to the attending physician, Lt. Somchai sustained minor injuries to his fingers and legs. Subsequently, the doctor allowed him to return home for rest and recovery and arranged for the necessary care and benefits for the injured officer.

Investigating the incident, Lt. Somchai reported that after the two suspects attempted to flee, he pursued and eventually apprehended them. Despite trying to negotiate for surrender, the suspects refused, insisting that the police must act according to the law. Lt. Somchai then attempted to take photographs for evidence, but the foreigners interfered, resulting in a scuffle. One suspect even attempted to grab a gun, leading to a warning shot being fired. Backup officers arrived at the scene just in time and managed to apprehend both suspects.

Currently, both suspects are still under police custody at Chalong Police Station for further investigation, pending a court order for extended detention. It was found that both suspects entered Thailand on March 11th as tourists and held valid visas. Chalong Police Station will proceed with filing the necessary charges, while the legal team will handle the case accordingly.

The incident occurred on March 16, 2024, around 3:50 PM when Lt. Somchai was on duty facilitating traffic on Chao Fah Tawan Tok Road in front of Chalong Police Station. The two foreign men driving motorcycles, identified as:

  1. Mr. Hamish Day, 36 years old, New Zealand national.
  2. Mr. Oscar Mattson Day, 38 years old, New Zealand national.

Both suspects were driving recklessly, not staying in their lanes and speeding within the community area. Lt. Somchai instructed them to stop, but they attempted to flee. Lt. Somchai pursued and managed to stop both motorcycles, leading to a confrontation where the suspects showed dissatisfaction towards the officers. Lt. Somchai filmed the incident, which further agitated the suspects. They proceeded to physically assault Lt. Somchai and attempted to grab a gun, resulting in a warning shot. Other officers from Chalong Police Station arrived to assist and apprehend both suspects for further legal proceedings.

The charges involved in the case include robbery, resisting or obstructing an officer in the performance of duty, assaulting a police officer on duty, attempting to bribe or intimidate an officer, and driving without a valid license.


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