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Unsafe sex due to rise during Loy Krathong

unsafe sex due to rise during Loy Krathong

Adolescents have been cautioned against participating in risky or inappropriate sexual activities during the Loy Krathong Festival.
Dr. Bancha Khakhong, deputy chief of the Public Health Ministry’s Department of Health, stated on Thursday that during the festival, young people typically throw flowery floats into rivers and other bodies of water at night before hanging out or attending parties where alcohol is consumed. This compromises their judgement and self-control and increases the possibility of unprotected intercourse, which increases the risk of STDs and unintended pregnancy. Bancha advised guys to use condoms and to be responsible.

According to the official, young women can also use over-the-counter birth control tablets in emergencies to lower their risk of getting pregnant. However, the medicine should not be used regularly because it is less effective than other methods.

“The best way is to restrain one’s emotion, refrain from sex or have protected sex, and to be aware of the issue of premature sex and subsequent problems,” Bancha stated.

According to the officials, families can provide their children sound counsel about how to behave with people of the other sex as well as Thailand’s traditional values of self-preservation and treating women and girls with respect.

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