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World Class Universe Gymnastics in Pattaya

“Universe Gymnastics” – first Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Club founded in 2012 in Pattaya, Thailand by the Master of Sport Olga Balachina.


Olga Balachina is our Head Coach. She started her gymnastics career at the age of 5 at the School of Olympic Reserve in Moscow, Russia. Olga progressed very quickly and began winning titles at junior events at a very young age. By the age of 16, she earned the title of honored Master of Sport. That same year, she started her coaching career and took charge of her first beginners’ group. Olga never stopped ever since and has become a very successful and well-known coach with 20 years of experience behind her. Olga graduated from Moscow Sports Academy and earned various diplomas and certificates in the fitness field. She took part and won many fitness Championships on local in international levels.

Olga’s specialty is Rhythmic Gymnastics. RG is a sport that combines elements of ballet, gymnastics, dance, and apparatus manipulation – clubs, hoop, ball, ribbon and rope. Physical abilities needed by a rhythmic gymnast include strength, power, flexibility, agility, dexterity, endurance and hand-eye coordination.

“Universe Gymnastics” methods incorporate traditional Russian ‘old school’ coaching that is proved to be the best in the world.

In our club, we coach children of various ages and different nationalities for whom Rhythmic Gymnastics is not just a sport, it is a lifestyle.

Our goal is to progress the gymnastics scene in the same way it is developed in Russia. Sport not only gives a child physical benefits, but it also makes them more focused and organized in other areas of life.

No doubt, Rhythmic Gymnastics is one of the most beautiful sports for girls. In recent years it is becoming popular even amongst boys. In our club, we help every child individually to develop their abilities and grow to the full potential.

We cater for children with different goals; whether you are looking to become a professional athlete or simply want to keep your child active – our training methods will suit all. We always aim to make our sessions more interactive and fun. We organize performances and shows and participate in local competitions. Children will be tested under exam conditions to achieve diplomas by the completion of each academic year.

Universe Gymnastics also hosts own competitions 3 times per year; where we invite other Rhythmic Gymnastics Clubs to compete against us.

We always try to involve parents in our gymnastics club. We conduct open lessons where they can observe their child’s progress.

Also “Universe Gymnastics” organizes ‘sports summer camps’. In previous events, we were lucky enough to have Olympic Champion Angelica Timanina and World Champion Team “Victoria” to be the hosts of our camps.

“Universe Gymnastics” is not just a club – we are a family! Our children fall in love with rhythmic gymnastics and they carry it for life!

We are looking forward to welcome you and your child in our family!




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