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Unfair pricing now lands you in prison

Thailand’s Department of Internal Trade (DIT) is urging people not to hoard consumer products during lockdown, while assuring that there will be enough supplies for everyone.

DIT Director-General Watthanasak Sua-Iam said the department has asked all department stores, wholesalers and retailers nationwide to increase their stocks of consumer products, to ensure there will be no shortage during the lockdown.

He said the DIT has also urged egg farmer associations in affected provinces to fix farm prices and supply eggs regularly to all markets in the area during the lockdown, and all associations have insisted that there will be a sufficient supply of eggs for consumption.

The director-general also warned that hoarding of goods will be a violation of the Price of Goods and Services Act and punishable with a maximum seven years in prison, or a THB140,000 fine, or both.

People can contact the department’s hotline at 1569, if they witness product hoarding or unfair pricing.


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