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HIGH ALERT as typhoons are crashing towards Asia

HIGH ALERT as typhoons are crashing towards Asia

POWERFUL TYPHOONS are pushing across the Western Pacific Ocean threatening the lives of many in eastern Asia.

Twin typhoons Lekima and Krosa pushed their way across the Western Pacific Ocean.

China and Taiwan were on red alert as the strongest storm seen in five years appeared set to wreak havoc.

Typhoon Lekima at one point was packing winds of around 150 mph as it churns towards eastern China.

As the two typhoons are so close together it was impossible to forecast their exact path which is why China and Taiwan are currently on high alert.


Typhoon Lekima was the biggest and most dangerous of the storms in the region.

It has now made landfall in China near Shitangzhen, in the province of Zhekjiang around 1 am local time on Saturday (6 pm BST on Friday).

The storm strengthened to a typhoon on Wednesday, growing into a super typhoon on Thursday with maximum sustained winds of 150mph.

At that intensity, Lekima was equivalent to a Category 4 major hurricane in the North Atlantic and Eastern Pacific tropical basins.

At the time it came ashore, the dangerous winds made the typhoon equivalent to a category 3 hurricane in the North Atlantic and East Pacific Ocean Basins.

In anticipation of landfall from Typhoon Lekima, the Chinese weather bureau issued a red alert on Friday morning, warning residents of the threat for strong winds, heavy rainfall and coastal impacts.

The country has a four-stage color-coded warning system, with red representing the most severe weather.

However, now the typhoon has completely dissipated.


Typhoon Krosa meanwhile is still currently active in the area.

Accuweather reported: “As Krosa moved northwest on Thursday, it moved into an area of warm waters and low wind shear, allowing it to strengthen rapidly.

“As of Thursday evening, local time, Krosa reached its peak strength and was equivalent to a Category 3 hurricane in the Eastern Pacific and North Atlantic Ocean basins.”

Maximum sustained winds are currently at 58 mph (50 knots) according to the latest from the JTWC latest report at 1 am local time on Wednesday (5 pm BST Tuesday).

Typhoon Krosa is currently located at latitude 28.7 north, longitude 133.2 east.

This is approximately 341 nautical miles south of Iwakuni in Japan.

It has generally tracked west-northwestward over the past six hours.

The maximum significant wave height has reached 21 feet.

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