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Two Thousand baht fine for traffic violations

Two Thousand baht fine for traffic violations

Anupong Phuttanawarat, Chairman of the Pattaya Governance and Peacekeeping Committee, led a group of law enforcement personnel in enforcing traffic laws in the South Pattaya region in an effort to alleviate traffic and improve street vending.

Since August 23, Pattaya has been conducting a campaign to regulate traffic on South Pattaya Road in order to reduce congestion and enhance traffic flow along this heavily used thoroughfare. Since September 1st, law enforcement has been strictly enforcing these rules with frequent patrols of the region.
There were tow fees and fines for violators of the odd-even parking rules on the designated days. Parking in prohibited locations on prohibited days may result in a fine of up to 2,000 Thai Baht. Anupong urged everyone to diligently follow traffic laws and remember the odd-even parking pattern in order to avoid tickets.

Pattaya City officials have taken steps to regulate street vendors as a means of easing traffic congestion. Sidewalk encroachment by street sellers was a major source of congestion and frustration for pedestrians in the past. As a result, authorities have allowed street sellers to set up shop in certain locations and under certain regulations. However, some illegally encroaching stalls were spotted among the street merchants. Officers from the local government stepped in quickly to remove the surplus inventory and enforce the conditions of the agreement.
According to Anupong, the city’s future traffic regulation measures will look to the South Pattaya Road campaign as a template. From the Sue Sarn (Communications) Intersection at Third Road to the Wat Chai Mongkol Temple Intersection, police and city officials will keep up their intensive efforts to regulate traffic. Enforcement of the odd/even parking rule will remain a top focus.


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