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Two panthers visit park

two panthers visit park

A visitor to Kaeng Krachan National Park had a remarkable encounter, capturing photos and videos of two black panthers, the Protected Areas Regional Office 3 reported yesterday, based on information from the national park’s head.

The visitor, identified only as Amy, spotted the panthers while traveling by car to Khao Phanoen Thung, a forested mountain within the park, said Somjate Jantana, the director of the office, on Wednesday. Amy stopped her car to take photos and a video of the panthers, which appeared unfazed by the vehicle’s presence before disappearing into the jungle. The national park shared the video clip on its Facebook page on Tuesday.

Earlier this year, in January and February, other visitors to the park also reported sightings and captured images of a black panther in a nearby area while heading to the same mountain.

From 2013 to 2023, national park researchers conducted a study using wildlife camera traps to monitor animal populations around Khao Phanoen Thung. They estimated that approximately 10 black panthers and leopards inhabit these areas.

Park officials advise visitors to remain in their cars and stay still if they encounter a panther or leopard, ensuring safety for both themselves and the wildlife. While taking pictures is permitted, visitors should not exit their vehicles to do so.

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