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Triple killer Levi Bellfield to be charged with more attacks on women

Police are poised to charge triple killer Levi Bellfield with a string of bludgeon attacks on women.

Met officers have written to the fiend, 52, in jail to tell him of their investigation, and plan to quiz him.

They believe they have traced his movements and vehicles as he travelled the country for wheel-clamping contracts.

Bellfield was suspected of over 100 assaults when jailed for two of his murders in 2008.

Sarah Spurrell, was 23 when bludgeoned in the head by a balaclava-clad man in Hastings, East Sussex, in January 2004.

By then, ex-bouncer Bellfield had killed Milly Dowler, 13, in Walton, Surrey, in 2002, and Marsha McDonnell, 19, in London in 2003.

Sarah was saved when a car scared off the man.

She is sure it was Bellfield.

Now 42 the mum-of-two suffers panic attacks and said: “He tried to kill me. Everybody attacked by him deserves justice.”

Also in 2004, Bellfield tried to murder Kate Sheedy, 18, in Isleworth, then killed Amelie Delagrange, 22, in Twickenham.

Police want to quiz him over an April 2004 hammer attack that left Edel Harbison, then 34, with multiple skull fractures in Twickenham Green.

She attended his trial and said: “Although I can’t remember anything about the attack on me, as I looked at his back and shoulders I had this recurring image of his arms striking down repeatedly.”

Jessie Wilson was bludgeoned near her home in Strawberry Hill, South West London, in January 2003.

That November, Dawn Brunton, 36, suffered a fractured skull in Hatton Cross, West London.

Police also believe Bellfield could have assaulted Corrine McGregor in Surrey, in 1994.

And they have long suspected him of murdering Judith Gold, 51, in Hampstead in 1990.

A late 1990s hammer attack in Blackpool, a prostitute’s murder in Manchester, and other London attacks have been linked to the fiend.

In 2015 police investigated him over unsolved crimes based on confessions apparently made in jail.

But they shelved the probe.

Ex-cop Colin Sutton, who brought him to justice, said: “I’ve no doubt he carried out other blitz attacks.”

Bellfield, at Frankland jail, Co Durham, has moaned he is being “hounded” and may refuse to talk.

The Met declined to comment.


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