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TOSCANA has always been a great spot to enjoy a hearty meal overlooking the sea.

Top-notch service and a vibrant and homely vibe ensure diners always feel welcome, and as for the food – well, affable chef and restaurateur Luca Marchetti, who hails from Pracchiola, a tiny village in the mountains to the north of Tuscany, adheres to recipes perfected by his grandmother and ensures flavours and textures are as authentic as they get.

Another big draw is the fact that, just outside of Pattaya, Luca operates his own organic and sustainable farm where he grows his own veggies, and rears free-range chickens, rabbits, ducks, pigeons, guinea fowl, wild boar, goats, sheep, pigs, and cows. No processed food, no growth hormones, no chemicals – Luca simply lets nature take its course.

“You are what you eat,” says Luca. “And unfortunately people nowadays don’t really know what they’re putting in their mouths. It’s becoming more difficult for consumers to keep track of the quality of meat, and the freshness of food in general. So I built the farm to ensure I could offer real ingredients, and provide tasty, wholesome food that customers can trust.”

Luca’s latest introduction to the menu – an amazing range of homemade salami, cold cuts, and cured meats – is a testament to his philosophy. The result of many months of hard work, the tasty range includes pork, duck, goat, sheep, wild boar, and goose meat – all sourced from Luca’s farm and prepared naturally without the use of chemicals.

The Mixed Salami and Parma Ham platter is the best way to sample a big selection (perfect for sharing) and goes down brilliantly with one of the restaurant’s superb Italian wines.

If you love cheese, the Formaggio di Capra (Assorted homemade goat cheese) is not to be missed. The generous serving includes goat cheese presented in numerous ways, such as fresh, aged, marinated in herbs, and covered in pepper – a rich and flavoursome treat.

Don’t fill yourself too quickly though: plenty of other highlights await, including, among them, Le Pappardelle with wild boar meat sauce featuring deliciously tender meat and expertly cooked pappardelle; and Homemade ravioli with goat ricotta cheese, spinach and tomato sauce, which is packed with luscious flavours.

Rounding out the menu is a wide selection of desserts, including Luca’s signature Italian Tiramisu (B180) – light and creamy and a great way to end a meal.

Toscana currently opens daily for dinner from 12 pm-12 am, though plans are afoot to open for breakfast.

Beach Road (between Soi 6 and Soi 7)

Tel: 081 861 3446

[email protected]

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