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Tourist Urinates on Airport Link SkyTrain

Tourist Urinates on Airport Link SkyTrain

Tourist Urinates on Airport Link SkyTrain

A picture of a woman sitting and taking a pee-wee on a train in the Airport Link has gone viral online. The Airport Link official has come out and stated that there are toilets in the stations of the Airport Rail Link.


The picture shows a woman sitting in a urinating position who seems like she is attempting to hide behind a small wall in front of the train door. The water has spread throughout the carriage. In the picture, other persons seem like they are trying to avoid the water and have their feet turned away from the woman sitting in front of the train door.

The original Twitter user who posted the picture stated, “A Chinese person had just taken a pee-wee on the Skytrain!! Everybody around her was trying to run away like in Temple Run.”. Later the Airport Rail Link came out and stated that this does not usually happen and there are toilets located throughout the stations of the Airport Link.

The original user who posted the picture also posted an update where the monk in the picture sent him a direct message about the incident. The conversation goes,


Monk: Did you take a lot of pictures?

Monk: I went to send my other monk friend to the USA. This is my first time using the Airport Link in 2 years and this exciting incident took place.

Account owner: I only took 1 picture.

Monk: Thumbs up

Account owner: Were you in the incident?

Monk: I’m the monk standing in the picture.

Account owner: She did that and left the train right away.

Monk: I feel sorry for those who came in later.

Monk: They don’t know its urine.


The monk also shared the post on his personal Facebook. The original post was posted on the 12th of this month attached with the post was a picture where the woman was taking a pee-wee. Not too far from the woman is a monk standing on the opposite side. The water that is coming from the woman almost reaches the monk’s flip flops as it spreads throughout the train.


The Workpoint News Team contacted the Airport Rail Link and received a confirmation that the incident did really take place on the 11th of this month (11 June 2019). A passenger had reported the incident to an airport officer at the Lat Krabang Station around 10 am about a Chinese tourist who had taken a pee-wee on the train.


The official notified the next station that the train was traveling to which was the Suvarnabhumi Airport Station. The train was cleaned thoroughly to make sure that none of the urine was left on board before a new set of passengers come in.


The Airport Rail Link also stated that there are bathrooms available at the Phayathai Station, Ratchaprarop Station, Makkasan Station, and Suvarnabhumi Station. There are also staff bathrooms where passengers can ask to use at every station. In the future, there will be toilets at the Hua Mak and Lat Krabang Station.


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