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Chinese tour bus goes fishing leaving passengers unimpressed

Chinese tour bus goes fishing leaving passengers unimpressed

A Chinese tour bus carrying 34 Chinese tourists has plunged into the sea after what is thought to have been caused by brake failure.

At around 10:30pm on June 6th, Pattaya police and emergency services were called to the scene of the rather unfortunate accident.

The incident occurred towards the end of Soi 18 in Naklua, North Pattaya. The was on it’s way to a local seafood restaurant at the time.

Of the 34 tourists on board, thankfully, no injuries have been reported, however, some of the passengers are suffering from a little shock by what they experienced.

The driver of the bus, Mr. Thawee Chokchai, 49, said that he hadn’t noticed anything different about the vehicle, until he tried to apply the brakes. After nothing happened, he attempted to use the handbrake as well as gears to try an slow the bus down, but it was too late.

The driver lost total control an after hitting a pickup, the bus eventually headed straight into the sea.

Hitting the water eventually brought the bus to a standstill, with only the front half of the vehicle semi-submerged.

Both emergency services and locals were on hand very quickly to assist some of the passengers to safety.

Police were also at the scene to take evidence and witness statements as they start their investigation as to what caused the accident. They will be doing further checks on the bus to see if there was anything else, other than the brakes, that may have caused the crash.

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