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Top 5 roads with the worst traffic in 2018

Top 5 roads with the worst traffic in 2018

This information was published by JS100 on their website. JS100 keeps track of daily traffic including accidents in Bangkok along with posting daily Thai news on their website and social media pages. They also offer a public call center to be notified of any traffic-related instances including answering any questions at 1137, you can also see their updates live through the JS100Radio, Twitter, and Line ID: @js100.

Ladprao Road

The traffic has become worse in 2018 on Ladprao Road due to the Skytrain construction of the Yellow line that begins from Ladprao to Samrong. Ladprao is an area with many small alleyways along with housing communities connected to the road, this makes Ladprao gain peek traffic during the mornings and evenings when most people are traveling to and from work.

The worst traffic area in Ladprao include the Phawana intersection and Ladprao 130, Sometimes the traffic is so bad that it affects other roads including Ratchadapisek Road, Ramkhamhaeng Road, and Srinakarin Road.

Ramkhamhaeng Road

The Ramkhamhaeng Road has bad traffic usually as a result from the Ladprao road on the entrance side. This includes cars that are waiting to inter Sam Lee Intersection that merges into Ramkhamhaeng Road on the exit side. Furthermore, the construction of the Orange line of the Underground train connecting the Thailand Cultural Center to Minburi is taking a toll on the traffic in the area. Many normal routes connecting to the Ramkhamhaeng road is closed off forcing drivers few choices of routes to take, crashing in all together.

Srinakarin Road

This road has made its way onto the list because it is also heavily affected by the yellow line Skytrain construction. Normally, there are 3 to 4 lanes on each side of the road, after the construction many points have only 1 to 2 lanes open. This creates a bottleneck effect for all the cars that have to use the Srinakarin route.

Ramintra – Chaengwattana Road

The main cause for the heavy traffic in this area in 2018 is from the construction of the pink line Skytrain that will be connecting Minburi to Kharai. Many blocks have been placed on the road where 3 to 4 lanes have turned into 1 to 2 lane roads, causing the bottleneck effect. There is also another construction area on Chaengwattana Road near the Chaengwattana Government Complex, Big C Center, CP All Academy Building, and the Mongkutwattana General Hospital causing great traffic for those who are leaving the tollway entering into Jangwattana Road.

Tiwanon Road

This road is also involved in the construction of the pink line Skytrain connecting Minburi to Kharai. The roads have been blocked and cars have to merge into the same route in order to bypass through the construction site giving horrific traffic on Rattanathibet Road and Ngamwongwan Road because cars can’t pass through the Kharai intersection. Furthermore, the Sanam Bin Nam junction and in front of the Royal Irrigation Department is also in construction, making certain lanes of the road blocked off causing even more traffic as drivers have to wait in line to enter the road. You should not enter this road unless absolutely necessary, JS100 recommends.

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