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Top 10 fake news articles from Thailand in 2022

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We are all bombarded with online scams and rumours each day, how to work out which ones are fake or not?

The top 10 false news items of today (Monday), according to the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DES), were all highly shared on social media last year.

You can treat terminal cancer by chewing three ripe papaya seeds every day for a month without drinking any water.

Totally innocent till added to Som Tam!

The Earth will be colder than usual during the Aphelion phenomena, when it is 90 million kilometers from the Sun and at its farthest point from the planet.

The Pfizer vaccine producer was ordered by the Thai Food and Drug Administration to provide specific information about the negative effects of their COVID-19 vaccine. However, the ruling was later overturned in court.

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has mandated that the use of many customers’ cell phones be suspended and placed on a blacklist.

Avoid scanning the QR code on mail-order packages to avoid losing deposits in your bank accounts.

Between August 22 and August 28, Thailand will be pounded by nine storms, which may create significant flooding in Bangkok.

Storms? What’s new?

Avoid using paracetamol tablets marked with the number 500 since they could contain the dangerous Machupo virus.

Due to the spread of a particularly deadly influenza virus strain, the Thai Ministry of Public Health has advised citizens to halt all activities and avoid travel.

Avoid getting the COVID-19 vaccine since it could be fatal.

In addition to offering protection against the flu, reducing infection, and preventing coronavirus from infecting the lungs, N-Dro Care mouthwash can also fight viruses, bacteria, and other germs.

According to Dr. Noppawan Huajaimun, spokesman for the DES Ministry, the Anti-Fake News Centre of the ministry narrowed down more than 517 million “news” items circulating on social media last year to about 14,800 for further investigation. These items were then divided into different categories and the ten top fake news stories were chosen.

Pattayaone says:

Think about the source and look at the URL’s for example; may be a dead giveaway!

Don’t stop at the headline. If a daring title caught your eye, continue reading before you decide to share the startling facts. The headline doesn’t always convey the entire narrative, even in news reports that are authentic. However, satirical attempts in particular can include multiple telling signals in the text

Look up the author. It only takes a couple of minutes to do some more research you may find

How is it supported? Many times, the sources cited in these false reports will appear to be legitimate or official-sounding, but when you dig deeper, the source doesn’t support the assertion.

Check the date. Some false stories aren’t completely fake, but rather distortions of real events. These mendacious claims can take a legitimate news story and twist what it says — or even claim that something that happened long ago is related to current events.

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