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Tim “Sharky” Ward

“All the books in the world won’t make you street smart. Living in Thailand, Pimpin’ B*tches, and feeding homeless street dogs”

A quote taken from directly from Tim’s Instagram page, the guy tells it exactly how it is. People will judge, people won’t always agree, but don’t you think it’s refreshing to know exactly where you stand, instead of trying to read between the lines.

To walk past Tim in the street, you wouldn’t be the only one feeling a little overwhelmed, slightly intimidated even. But looking past the tattoos, the large physique, and actually talking to the guy, I guarantee you will be quick to change your opinion of him. The famous saying goes “you should never judge a book by its cover” and I can’t think of a better example of this in Tim.

Living in Thailand for many years, Tim doesn’t drink, but just like us, does enjoy many of the delight’s Pattaya has to offer. He also dedicates much of his time trying to help the many dogs that roam the streets of Pattaya. Almost every night you will be able to find Tim walking around the Beach Road, Second Road, and Soi Buakow areas feeding the street dogs.

sharky-2 sharky-3

Just looking through his Facebook and Instagram pages, you will see that’s it’s become a passion of his that he takes pretty seriously. He funds what he does largely from his own pocket, although he has set up a PayPal account in which you are able to donate to help towards the cause.

All donations are hugely appreciated, big or small, and can be sent to

And don’t forget to say hi next time you pass him, he won’t bite.


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