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Thug Dances In Celebration Moments After Murdering Man Over A Cup Of Tea

Christopher Messenger. 

Thug Dances In Celebration

A man has been filmed dancing and celebrating just moments after he beat a man to death in an argument that stemmed from a cup of tea.

36-year-old Christopher Messenger was offered a cup of tea by the ex-partner of 31-year-old Gavin Casey. Casey then flew into a murderous rage and beat Mr Messenger with bottles and dropped a television set on top of him.

He also stamped on his head, causing injuries that would later result in his death in hospital.

Security camera footage then showed Casey dancing around a car park laughing hysterically and shouting: “I’ve killed him”.

Another resident of the property in Birmingham discovered Messenger and tried to get him some help, but to no avail. He died after several days in hospital.

Christopher Messenger. 

In the hours following the deadly assault, Casey went out and bought some drugs, before threatening to throw himself from the top of a gas tower in the city’s Aston area.

After a lengthy stand-off with West Midlands Police officers, he was eventually arrested.

During his interview with the police – at which stage Messenger was still alive – he boasted that he was going to serve his jail time and then return to kill Messenger.

He said: “I’m gonna plead guilty anyway.

“They’re gonna give me ten years on Monday and when I come out after doing my ten years, I’m gonna come out and I’m gonna kill the geezer anyway and do it properly. Simple.”

Days later, after Messenger’s death, he was formally charged with his murder.

Casey was sentenced to a 20-year minimum sentence at Birmingham Crown Court yesterday. He was also found guilty of a separate charge for assaulting his ex-partner.

West Midlands Police’s Detective Inspector Paul Joyce said: “This is a tragic case where a violent man flew into a jealous rage attacking and killing an innocent man.

“Mr Messenger was recovering from injuries he had sustained in a recent collision and Casey, knowing that Mr Messenger was at his most vulnerable, brutally attacked him.

“Casey did not give a second thought to what he did, instead he laughed about the despicable act he had just committed and left Mr Messenger dying in his room.

“I hope that today’s sentence will be of some comfort to Mr Messenger’s family and friends.”

Messenger’s family also released a statement. It read: “It has been extremely difficult to sit and listen to the full details of our Chris’ death, a son, brother, uncle, nephew who was taken too soon in a brutal unprovoked attack.

“[During the trial] We sat watching a man show no remorse whatsoever for his actions. Nothing will bring Chris back, but we are glad that justice has been done.

“We are very thankful to the police for their hard work and support and all involved in getting justice for Chris, the witnesses who were brave enough to take the stand to help ensure that Gavin Casey was found guilty.”

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