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This weekend is ANOTHER long National Holiday

National Holiday

Last month the Cabinet approved for Sept 4 and Sept 7 to be declared national public holidays.

The two holidays, creating a four-day weekend, are to be counted as two Songkran substitution day public holidays, Culture Minister Itthiphol Kunplome explained in announcing that the holidays were to be proposed to Cabinet today, said an earlier MCOT report.

Minister Itthiphol explained that from a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam and other ministers, it was agreed that creating public holiday long weekends in July had stimulated domestic tourism very well.

The two Songkran substitution day holidays were initially planned to be observed in August, but it was decided against in order not to detract from the Queen Sirikit birthday Mother’s Day holiday observed this week.

Minister Itthiphol further explained that Deputy PM Wissanu had preferred for the two days of holidays to be observed one month later so that people had time to plan their trips.

September was chosen as there are no other public holidays to be observed in the same month, Mr Itthiphol said.

Minister Itthiphol added that Cabinet is to consider increasing the number of people allowed to attend live entertainment shows, including sports matches, theatre performances and live music concerts, which at this stage is limited to 500 people.

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