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The Sportsman Review

Episode 1 for my weekly dining review guys, and we start with an old favourite, The sportsman, down Soi 13, off 2nd Road.

The place has been established in Pattaya for a number of years now, longer than I’ve been here in fact. I have eaten there many times in the past, but not for a long time, so I decided to see how things had changed.

I got there about 9:30pm on Friday night, and was surprised to see not so many customers. Much quieter than what I remember, although this can be said about most places in Pattaya at the moment.

Staff still as friendly as ever, very good English skills, and very efficient, although you would expect this on a quiet night anyway.

Menu choices we good. They have quite a large selection of both western and Thai dishes, smaller snacks, and of course, desserts. Simple dishes, home favorites, but nothing too fancy.

My better half had a prawn cocktail, and I opted for a salmon steak, with potatoes and a bit of vegetables. Both meals came well presented, looked pleasing to the eye, and were a healthy size.

Taste wise, I couldn’t complain. I have had nicer meals in other, more upmarket restaurants, but that’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy my meal, because I did. Im easily pleased, however, unlike my girlfriend who is terribly fussy when it comes to food, especially western food. Thankfully, she was happy with her choice too.

We finished off sharing a couple scoops of coconut ice-cream. The whole meal came to 1,025 baht. This included 5 glasses of house red wine, and 1 bottle of water.

For 2 people I thought this was pretty good value. Yes you can get cheaper meals elsewhere, but Im not sure you would be getting the same quality. You can also pay a lot more, and not get the same quality too, so all in all, definitely worth a visit. Don’t expect anything too fancy though, fine dining is definitely something The Sportsman is not, but it’s not trying to be either.

Thanks for all the suggestions, and keep them coming in for this week.

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