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The greatest barrier is stigma, AKA ignorance

The greatest barrier is stigma, AKA ignorance

Busting Addiction and Its Myths

The purpose of our podcast is to help families learn the truth about addiction and alcoholism so that they can take the right action to help the addict they love and to help themselves at this critical time in their lives. Exposing the truth about addiction and alcoholism also requires that we bust the myths surrounding both addiction/alcoholism and the recovery process.

Season 1 – Episode 10

In this episode, I discuss how the stigma associated with alcohol and drug abuse is the greatest barrier to healing at the personal and societal level.

Believe it or not, even with all the research and publicity surrounding alcoholism and addiction, there are still these myths that say:

  • All you gotta do is say no.
  • Straighten up and fly right
  • It’s a matter of will power
  • It’s a sign of weakness
  • It’s a moral failing

A few nights in jail will straighten them out. It’s a lifestyle choice…a bad one, but still a choice

Do some of you remember a TV ad campaign for the Partnership for a drug-free America that showed a young woman holding up an egg and saying this is your brain…then she breaks the egg into a pan and scrambles it and says: this is your brain … on drugs.

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