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So this week’s Friday night “date night” turned into a messy one down Walking Street, ibar in particular. From what I can remember it we all had a good night, apart from the missus, who wasn’t too impressed. To make up for it, we ended up going for an early evening meal on Saturday instead.

This week’s venue was The Glass House, located in the Jomtien area.

I have heard mixed reports from this place, but with one major similarity. All my Thai friends love the place; it’s only my foreign friends that have even had a bad experience.

The first thing I noticed before we had even sat down was how friendly the staff were, and there were plenty of them too. All smiling, all happy to see you, something that I’ve seen less and less of these days in most places.

They have both inside and outside seating, with tables stretching out all the way onto the beach, and it was packed. They quickly found us a nice table inside, but looking out towards the sea, and what a view it was too.


One of the major complaints from my foreign friends is the service, but no complaints from me so far. Looking around I would have to say that 90% of the customers were Thai, and after seeing the menu, it came apparent that the place is definitely focused towards Thai/Asian customers. They have a huge menu, with lots of classic Asian dishes, and a wide variety of fresh seafood, but very little in the way of western choices.

After much debate, we settled for an Australian Wagyu beef salad and a king prawn salad to start with, followed by a mixed steamed seafood dish for two for main course.  The starters came, well presented, and were pretty tasty too, but you can’t really go too wrong with a salad can you. It was the main course that really impressed me. It came presented inside a fresh coconut, and was enough to feed four, never mind just the two of us. Feeling full, we both declined dessert and instead finished with a fresh coconut, and a cappuccino.


Personally, we couldn’t fault the place, the food, or the staff, however, I had sensed earlier that I felt it was leaning towards a Thai/Asian market, and this became even more apparent during the meal. Throughout our experience we were attended to perfectly, constantly being asked if everything was ok, did we want anything else etc. The table right next to us was a young English couple, similar age to us, but I never once saw them get asked if everything was ok. Although I speak Thai, I wonder if this would have been the case with me too, if my missus wasn’t Thai.

The final bill after two starters, a main course for two, a cappuccino, a fresh coconut, and 3 bottled waters came to 1,915 THB.

They open from around 11:30am, and don’t close until 11:30pm, but if you are going to go, I would highly suggest going in the early evening, around sunset, as the views are simply amazing.



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