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The Chocolate Factory Pattaya Branch Sukhumvit

The Chocolate Factory Pattaya Branch Sukhumvit

Just opened, the new Chocolate Factory Pattaya Branch Sukhumvit, which is the second branch in Pattaya. And the 4th branch of The Chocolate Factory. This branch is located near Tiger Park, opposite Sukhumvit Soi 93 Pattaya.

This is the first branch that is a cafe and shop.

The shop is a casual Western-style and is both a restaurant and a shop for customers to choose to take products home.

As for the chocolate, it is pretty good, in fact, it tastes amazing. The Chocolate Factory is divided into different zones just to help you find yourself around.

You have a garden zone, exhibition zone, cafes, and restaurants. And product shopping zone) and finally,  you can sit eat and enjoy good quality food, snacks, and desserts.


So let’s talk about the atmosphere of this amazing place. This branch of the shop is dedicated to giving you something different. Forest Park focuses on shady, fresh, and brightness, and they also have a waterfall that is a steam garden.

There are various angles for taking pictures. The shop is spacious and has a large front with convenient parking.

Before you enter the factory, feel free to stop to take a  cheeky social photo, and upload it to make your friends jealous.

In the evening, the factory is still as beautiful as in the day. As the front of the factory is lit beautifully, anyone who comes pass will have to stop by and take a few photos,  and then walk into the factory for sure.

At night, is the time to check out the steam garden. This is one area that should not be missed because at this time the steam is clearly visible in and around the garden. And with the lights on, it is like walking in paradise.


When hunger strikes, then it is time to head to the restaurant to find that something special to eat. This area is very spacious and the staff gives a warm welcome to tourists and regular visitors. Whether you choose to sit outside in the open-air-zone or inside, you will find both relaxing enough to wallow a few hours away with friends

However, if you do decide to sit in the open-air-zone, I recommend doing this at night as it is so picturesque.


This zone is definitely for people who like to shop and buy souvenirs for people they love.  It is very easy to lose your way here because there are many cute little things to buy and make others smile. The shop also has many snacks for you to taste.

And trust me, this shop doesn’t skimp on taste, flavour, products or just pure goodness, as all products are made on-site including cookies, brownies, chocolate, desserts, and also items such as skin cream and cream made from cocoa. In addition, all the packaging is well made and just begs you to unwrap and try before you take them home.

Exhibition zone

Huh?  What is this all about? Well, it’s an area that the kids will love. This area teaches children, mums, and dads about chocolate and how it is made. Gives knowledge about the chocolate-making process and how chocolate first came about.

You will get to see the cocoa beans go through the machine and can even get a try at making some amazing sweets for yourself. In the glass, room is where you can see the professionals making all the products that you can buy.

Food and drink

So, lets talk about hunger time again, because of course, when you are walking around you will always have the want to snack and try the goodies.

So, when we come to Pattaya, we come to find delicious food. The Chocolate Factory has it all. From Western food to Thai food, this place just about has everything. Do not waste time, get ordering, because it is well worth eating.

Just to Summarize

This is not just a restaurant and shop, This is more like a landmark. It is a real chocolate story. With both Thai and international menus, you will be belly full and shopping bags ready for coming home, This is a place where you can come back time and time again, and even if you want to make it your regular coffee shop.

Please, if you do not believe me, then why not check it out for yourself…

The Chocolate Factory Pattaya Branch Sukhumvit

Location : Near Tiger Park, opposite Sukhumvit Soi 93 (this branch is not near the sea),
U-turn, 4 floating markets in Pattaya, will find the shop

Open daily : 9:30 am – 9:00 pm







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