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The Batman Nightclub

I recently saw and article in “The Mirror” (a leading English newspaper for those that don’t know) regarding this place and was quite intrigued by it.

It was way before I got here so I’m only going by rumors, and different bits of info that I have seen and read. Story goes that it was huge, back in the day. Easily one of Pattaya’s most popular nightspots, until a fire broke out and that was that. We are talking over 20 years ago now, but it still remains abandoned.

Different witness accounts have surfaced about what actually happened, but what I can’t seem to understand is why no one has tried to re-invent the place.

Why has it been left abandoned for so long?

Ok so the location isn’t great for a night club anymore with the emergence of Walking Street, and other popular areas now which are more accessible for tourists, but that doesn’t mean to say that it couldn’t be re-developed into something else instead.

One reason I can think of is that the Thai’s are very superstitious, and maybe believe that due to previous events that took place there, it may be “bad luck” to open something new. But that’s just me guessing.

Is there something we don’t know? Maybe someone out there could shed some light on the situation.

The full story can be found at:


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