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Thailand’s PM hints at retirement


Thailand’s PM hints at retirement

Thailand’s Prime Minister said Thursday he would be happy to have a better person replace him claiming he is tired of using his authority.

He also told reporters that he had never expected or wanted to be prime minister.

“If in the future, there is a person who is better, more capable and more honest than me, similarly honest, [he or she] would continue the work and be in charge of the country,” Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha  said.

“But being in power is not a fun matter. Furthermore I’ve exercised a lot of power when I was the army chief for four years. I am fed up with using power. I used the power to take care of good people and consequently punish people who do bad things. Only two [kinds of exercising power] are difficult enough already.”

He made his remarks as a keynote speaker at a course-opening event at the Thailand National Defence College. He said he had never expected to be prime minister and was surprised he had been in the post for six years.

“Many people accused me of using the power illegally, I also don’t know where I have broken the laws. I comply with all the laws,” he said.

He asked for the people to help promote national unity and said the 20-year national strategy does not mean he intends to stay in power for 20 years. “I might die today or tomorrow, nobody knows,” he said.

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