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Thailand warns against drinking alcohol in cold season

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Department of Medical Services deputy director-general, Dr. Manus Potaporn had warned the public to avoid drinking alcohol to keep warm during the cold season as it could cause death.

He added that there is no truth to the commonly held belief that drinking alcohol warms the body.

While actually drinking, the capillaries under the skin will expand and make the body feel hot, but the body then cools down faster, causing hypothermia which can lead to organ failure and death.

Manus Potaporn – Genius

“When the body is cool for a long time, the blood thickens and the heart has to work harder, causing shock and death,” he said.

“In addition, alcohol depresses the central nervous system increasing the risk of falling asleep when the weather is cold and you are not wearing sufficient clothes to keep you warm,” he said.

Dr Sarayuth Boonchaipanitwattana, director of Princess Mother National Institute on Drug Abuse Treatment (PMNIDAT) added that people should take care of themselves during the cold season by wearing warm clothes, eating healthy foods especially vegetables and fruits, drinking warm water, taking exercise, and taking warm baths.

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