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Thailand to Gradually Restart Businesses

Restart Businesses

Preparations have begun to restart businesses nationwide by sector.

A proposal for kick-starting businesses is due to be submitted at yesterdays Cabinet meeting.

“There’s no set date on opening up yet,” Taweesilp Witsanuyotin, a spokesman for the Covid-19 center, said yesterday. “We will open only when we are confident, and we will have an assessment period. If the result is good, we will move on. If not, we will close.” At the same time, the country intends to reopen businesses gradually nationwide by sector, he said.

Under the emergency decree as currently implemented, borders are closed, many businesses are shut and a nighttime curfew is in place until the 31st of May, but Provincial governors have the authority to adjust the lockdown.

Thailand joins nations such as Italy and Vietnam in seeking to map out a restart, even as they remain mindful of the risk of another wave of illness, Cabinet will confirm & announce the submitted Road Map today before it is officially applicable.

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