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Thailand revealed as the world’s LEAST SAFE destination

Thailand revealed as the world’s LEAST SAFE destination

As the top three riskiest destinations for tourists are revealed, insurance technology specialist Aquarium Software is warning travellers of the importance of purchasing the correct insurance, in the hope of lessening the chances of hefty medical bills for Brits.

Endsleigh listed Thailand as the most dangerous location, with 23 percent of claims being made from that country alone.

Chile and the USA were next on the risky list, with 15 percent of claims being made in these countries respectively, demonstrating the increased risk of travelling to these locations without cover.

Aquarium Software is calling for travel Insurance providers to deploy the latest tech to reach those consumers who continue to travel abroad, unaware of the dangers of doing so without adequate cover.

One in four Brits continues to take a chance, when accidents, illness or repatriation can cost a not-so-small fortune.

“Finding travel insurance for ‘high risk countries’ can be a nightmare,” said Aquarium Software Director, Mark Colonnese.

“But the insurance industry must do more to get the message across that travel insurance is an absolute necessity, despite some consumers’ apparent reluctance to invest in it.

Apps, comparison sites and social media have a role to play, linking communication streams and bringing new products to market fast,” Mark added. “Exotic destinations tend to include exotic activities, which can increase the risk,” he said.

“Thailand is well known for scooter accidents and while insurance will cover you for this, assuming scuba diving and other water and extreme sports are covered, can catch people out.

Everything must be declared to your insurance company to ensure you have the right cover.”

The latest travel apps make it easier for consumers and policy providers, by putting the information that matters at people’s fingertips and it is now easy to share policy information direct to mobile devices.

Aquarium Software is used by a number of travel insurers; pet insurers; and other consumer service providers and affinity partners in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada.

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