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Thailand issues a “don’t go outside” warning.

Unseasonably high temperatures for April have caused power disruptions and shortages in several parts of Asia as demand has risen.

Due to the intense heat, residents of Bangkok and other parts of Thailand have been advised not to go outside.

On Saturday, the temperature in the capital reached 42C (100F), but the national weather service said that the heat index, which measures how hot it feels when mixed with humidity, reached a record 54C (129F).

The warmest month in Thailand is often April, with an average high temperature of 37C (98.6F).

However, this weekend was expected to be warmer than 40C (104F) in at least 28 of its 77 provinces.

The country’s meteorological department said that Thailand had a record-breaking 45C (113F) temperature for the first time ever last week.According to reports, it was captured at a surveillance station in Tak province.

Authorities have warned people to avoid outdoor activities and to be cautious of heat stroke.

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