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Thailand expected to be most affected by Coronavirus, m1nd-set says

most affected

The prediction is based on m1nd-set’s Business 1ntelligence Service

Coronavirus is expected to affect Thailand the most as a destination market by “quite a long margin”, m1nd-set has revealed, according to data from its Business 1ntelligence Service (B1S).

Figures have shown that Thailand accounts for 33% of the circa 1.4 million outbound flights from Wuhan. It’s followed by Japan, at 12%; Malaysia, at 10%; Singapore, at 9%; Hong Kong, at 8%; and Indonesia, at 7%. Taiwan and South Korea both account for 6% of international traffic from Wuhan.

Looking at city destinations, the top final destination for Wuhan-originated traffic is Bangkok, where both international airports account for 21% of international traffic from Wuhan. Singapore follows at 9%, along with Hong Kong at 7%. Narita, in Japan, and Seoul, in South Korea, both account for 6% respectively, while Denpasar, in Bali, and Phuket, in Thailand, both receive around 5% of Wuhan traffic.

Beauty is expected to be the category most affected by the Coronavirus situation, as it accounts for 60% of the share of the Chinese shoppers’ purchases when travelling. It’s followed by liquor, fashion and accessories, as the most popular categories among the Chinese.

m1nd-set owner and CEO Peter Mohn said: “A number of clients have expressed deep concern and want to understand the overall impact the virus will have on the business. Our traffic analysis tool enables us to identify all affected destinations, not only the direct destinations but also the final destinations as many passengers from Wuhan transit at a regional hub airport to reach their final destination.

“We can see that of the 56 airlines which operate out of Wuhan, they serve 450 direct destinations and 1055 final destinations. The impact of the Coronavirus will inevitably be felt well beyond Wuhan’s direct connection airports.”

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