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Thailand Covid-19 Vaccine success in trials on monkeys

Vaccine success

Doctor Thiravat Hemachudha from the Faculty of Medicine at Chulalongkorn University revealed on 29 August 2020 that a Thai developed vaccine has proved successful in trials on monkeys with plans of production. Baiya Phytopharm Co., LTD. a Thailand based startup company has developed a Covid-19 vaccine from medicinal plant leaves (tobacco). Tests on monkeys have proved successful resulting in high antibodies enough to prevent against the virus without any side effects. The company is currently working on a purification process of the vaccine for use in humans. 

Thiravat Hemachudha, M.D.

Doctor Thiravat posted on his Facebook “Baiya Company has successfully developed a Covid-19 vaccine with tests in monkeys showing antibody production and stimulation in cells to self-produce antibodies when faced with the virus. A Thai based startup company Baiya Phytopharm is able to develop a Covid-19 vaccine with proteins from tobacco leaves. The Virus DNA is integrated into the tobacco, as a result, the leaves produce proteins in about a week. The protein structure is not different from vaccines made by different methods. 

The vaccine made by Baiya proves successful in trials on mice and monkeys. They were given the vaccine twice, 3 weeks apart. The monkeys remain healthy with no side effects. Blood results show normal liver enzyme levels, normal red and white blood cells. The monkeys have high protection against the virus, a neutralizing antibody can inhibit the virus proven by the Elisa surrogate isotype independent virus-neutralizing antibody tests and from the actual inhibition of virus in the cells. Monkey cells stimulated by peptides reveal IFN Gamma production and T cell stimulation without side effects. 

Thiravat Hemachudha, M.D.

The vaccine is made from tobacco, a simple process even for a million doses. Manufacturing the vaccine at an industrial scale is not out of question. The goal is to start a vaccine factory so the production can take place in the country. The charts reveal test results compared to monkeys that have not received the vaccine. It is time that Thais can be proud of a vaccine that is manufactured in the country without relying on other nations and with no issues on the vaccine’s patent”.  

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