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Thai retailers to stop giving plastic bags from Jan 1

Thai retailers

Around 75 brands under the Thai Retailers Association will stop providing plastic bags from January 1 in a bid to reduce the whopping 13.5 billion, or 30 percent, of plastic bags used in Thailand annually.

The Department of Pollution Control added that 40 percent or 18 billion plastic bags come from the fresh market annually, while the rest 30 percent of 13.5 billion bags come from local grocery stores. In Bangkok alone, each person uses eight plastic bags on average per day, creating around 80 million pieces of plastic waste daily.

Thai Retailers Association decided to introduce a campaign titled “Every Day Say No to Plastic Bags”, under which all its 75 members will stop providing such bags through 24,500 distribution channels, hoping to drive the country closer to a plastic waste-free society starting next year.

The list of 75 participating retailers is as follows:

1. CP All Plc,

2. Central Department Store Ltd,

3. The Mall Group Ltd,

4. Foodland Supermarket Ltd,

5. Siam Makro Plc,

6. Tesco Lotus Ltd,

7. CRC Thai Watsadu Ltd,

8. CRC Sport Ltd

9. Central Food Retail Ltd,

10. Central Marketing Group Ltd,

11. B2S Ltd,

12. Powerbuy Ltd,

13. Robinson Plc,

14. Big C Supercenter Plc,

15. Rangsit Plaza Ltd,

16. Bangchak Retail Ltd,

17. Chaisaeng Superstore,

18. Chaisaeng Department Store,

19. K&K Superstore Southern Plc,

20. Jamfah Savemart Ltd,

21. Chumphon Ocean Group Ltd,

22. CJ Express Group Ltd,

23. CPF Trading Ltd,

24. COL Plc,

25. Central Watson Ltd,

26. Central Family Mart Ltd,

27. TMK Kanjanaburi Trading Ltd,

28. Thanapiriya Plc,

29. Boots Retail (Thailand) Ltd,

30. PTT Retail Management Ltd,

31. Mother Marketing Ltd,

32. Wannakij Charoen (2000) Ltd,

33. Watcharawan (2008) Ltd,

34. Saha Lawson Ltd,

35. 108 SHOP,

36. Office Mate Plc,

37. Akeworanant Ltd,

38. FN Factory Outlet Plc,

39. Isetan (Thailand) Ltd,

40. Aeon (Thailand) Ltd,

41. Index Living Mall Plc,

42. Home Products Center Plc,

43. Villa Market JP Ltd,

44. Property Perfect Plc,

45. Imperial Plaza Ltd,

46. Imperial Department Store Ltd,

47. Siam Speciality Ltd,

48. Siam Takashimaya Ltd,

49. Taweekit Supercenter Ltd,

50. Klang Plaza Jomsurang Ltd,

51. Bangkok-Tokyu Department Store Ltd,

52. Ekapab Super Supply Ltd,

53. Ekapab Inter Electric Ltd,

54. UFM Fuji Super Ltd,

55. Dohome Ltd,

56. Bigsong Superstore Ltd,

57. Saengthai Prae Ltd,

58. Sahathai Department Store Ltd,

59. Sahasaengchai Marketing Ltd,

60. SR Super Mart Ltd,

61. Tang Ngee Soon Superstore,

62. Ekapab Home Mart Ltd,

63. Amporn Department Store,

64. Klanglan Limited Partnership,

65. Tantraphan Supermarket (1994) Ltd,

66. Yok Intertrade (Chiang Mai) Ltd,

67. Krabi Benjamin Limited Partnership,

68. SL Wholesale Ltd,

69. Sentosa Ltd,

70. Super Cheap Trading Ltd,

71. Roi Et Hypermart Ltd,

72. Sin 2000 Chaiyaphum Ltd,

3. Kiatsin Wholesale Ltd,

74. Don Quijote Ltd,

75. Central & Matsumoto Kiyoshi Ltd.





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