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Thai Policeman hits his fellow Policeman

Thai policeman ignores traffic signal and run into fellow policeman

By now, everyone must have seen the video footage of the reckless driver of a white Honda hitting a traffic cop in the middle of rush hour. The video emerged on Tuesday and instantly went viral across all the Thai social media sites.

The traffic cop had signaled for the driver of a white Honda to stop and allow pedestrian’s to cross, at which point the driver turned on his hazard lights, and drove straight through, hitting the traffic cop in the process. The traffic cop tried to stop the Honda, but it sped off. The whole incident was caught on camera and uploaded to the internet.

The culprit has now turned himself in and would you believe it, he is also a policeman. His excuse was that he was in a rush because his wife had called him and told him to get home quickly as his child was sick. He said that he had indicated he was in a rush by turning on his hazard lights to warn other.

Luckily, nobody was injured during the incident, and the driver has made a full apology. The victim of the hit and run has accepted the apology but has warned his younger colleague to pay more attention in future as there were a lot of school children and pedestrians crossing at that time, and he was lucky not to have caused any injuries or major accidents.

Hopefully the young policeman has learned his lesson.

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