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Thai model “tricked” into taking drugs

Thai model “tricked” into taking drugs

A “pretty,” or female spokesmodel, took to social media yesterday to accuse a male fan of tricking her into taking drugs at an event over the weekend.

Thitiporn Waritthanan, 26, from Phitsanulok province, sent her story to viral Thai drama Facebook page Queen of Black Spades yesterday. She claimed that, while working as a product presenter for an alcohol brand at a well-known pub in Sukothai province on Saturday night, she and the two other models working the event were given a box of brownies as a gift by a man at the club.

Since she was hungry, Thitiporn ate five of the brownies and one of the other pretties ate two. If you have any experience with weed brownies (which we at Coconuts do not, of course), you know that one piece is often made to be strong enough for an experienced user, and it is even common to split them into halves or quarters. If they are made well, the drug often can’t be detected by smell or taste. Or so we, um … read in a book.

Since she claims to be an inexperienced user and ate such a large quantity, she became impaired quickly. She reported that she was very thirsty, her heart was racing, and her vision got blurry.

“At the pub, I was in a trance state, so I drank a big bottle of water. Then I tried to speak on the stage, and I almost fell. I just tried to hold onto my friend.”

When Thitiporn got to the hospital, the doctors assumed she was having an allergic reaction and gave her an antihistamine shot before sending her home. On Sunday, she was still unwell and went to Phitsanulok’s Buddhachinaraj Hospital, where they tested her for drugs and she tested positive for marijuana.

Her friend was also tested and they have made a police complaint against the man at the club that gave them the brownies. She claims that the man has asked her to retract the information online, but she said she has refused.

She wrote, “I was admitted to the hospital, and I almost died because I was tricked into eating pot brownies. The doctor’s note proved that they found marijuana, like I suspected. This happened at a famous pub in Sukhothai. I ate five pieces because I was hungry.”

The pretty says she shared her story as a way to warn others.

Source: Coconuts

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