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Gang of Thai’s attack Indian man after dispute

Gang of Thai’s attack Indian man after dispute

At around 1:00am on April 23rd, Pattaya police were called to the scene of a fight that had broken out outside a massage parlor in South Pattaya.

The incident involved 7 Thai youths teaming up to attack an Indian man after an argument had broken out between the two parties.

By the time the police had arrived, most of the gang had managed to escape however, police were lucky enough to find that 1 of the gang members had forgot the memo and was arrested on the scene.

A 21 year old by the name of Wira Rijirek was arrested and briefly questioned outside the Ananda Thai Massage on Thappaya Second road.

According the the attacker, the victim had been involved in a dispute with a fellow Indian man for a while now, since the start of Songkran.

The victim hadn’t been seen since the dispute, until now, and the gang decided to take the opportunity for revenge after spotting him outside the massage shop

Police are continuing the investigation with the hope of bringing in the remaining 6 attackers for questioning and possible charges.

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