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Thai man killed by phone charger as he slept

Thai man killed by phone charger as he slept

Man is electrocuted while sleeping next to his phone as it was plugged into a charger in Thailand.

A 21-year-old man was found dead in his bed by his older brother after being electrocuted while sleeping next to his charging phone.

Aron Yotyoi, 21, was discovered with his smartphone still plugged into the power socket last night in Chonburi, eastern Thailand.

He had blood around his groin as well as burn marks on his face and arms.

The smartphone had earphones attached and it was connected by a cable to a charging point on an extension lead.

Man found electrocuted after sleeping next to his charging phone –

Aron’s older brother, Weerayot Duanglaithong, said he made the discovery after climbing through the window because the door was locked and his brother had not been seen at dinner.

Weerayot, 24, was horrified to find Aron’s body in the bedroom and he informed the rest of the family before calling the police.

Weerayot said: ‘I knocked on his door and there was no reply. First I looked through the window to see if he’s okay and then I found him lying there.

‘I didn’t know that he was dead until I went inside and got a closer look at him.’

Officers arrived and found no sign of physical attack – only part of his face and his arm were burned and bruised.

They initially believed that the construction worker had been dead for more than six hours.

Lieutenant Colonel Panupat Jongapichaikul said the police were searching the room for more evidence while his body was delivered to the autopsy.

He said: ‘His body was sent for an autopsy to confirm the cause of death before sending for the religious ceremony.’



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