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Thai man ‘electrocuted while watching moving with headphones in DVD player’

Thai man ‘electrocuted

A middle-aged man was found dead from a suspected electric shock after plugging his headphones into a DVD player.

Suphachok Leesuksam, 44, was staying at his home in Ratchaburi, central Thailand, while his family left for a holiday last Saturday (07/11) morning.

When his wife and children returned on Wednesday (11/12) night they found the house was locked from the inside. They called Suphachok but he did not answer.

Paramedics arrived and used a hydraulic cutting tool to open the door before they found Suphachok dead in his bedroom.

His body was swollen, sprawled on the ground in front of the television. Bizarrely, he was lying on an earphone wire that was connected to a DVD player.

Relatives said that he would often watch movies while using headphones in order to avoid waking his family.

Even when they were away, he appears to have continued with the habit.

Police Lieutenat Colonel Ratchat Suksawat said that there was a suspected electrical leakage through the headphone wires which electrocuted him.

The police chief said: “Initially, the paramedic suggested that he was electrocuted from the earphones wire that was connected to the DVD player.

”This is consistent with evidence from his family, who said he would use them to watch movies.”The family accepted the explanation for the death, without requesting a post mortem examination, and asked for the body be delivered to the local Buddhist temple for religious rights.



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