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Cheating Thai Husband Assassinated

Husband assassinated after being caught out by wife

A teacher has admitted to ordering the assassination of her former husband, an ex border ranger, after she found out he had been cheating on her in the Thung Song area of Nakorn Sri Thammarat.

Wichai Seedarort, 61, was having an ordinary morning, but that all changed shortly after dropping his wife off at her school on his motorbike. On his way back home, he was shot 3 times in the back by the hitmen. They then fired 1 final shot whilst he was lying on the ground to finish the job off.

The plan was executed exactly as planned, said the wife. The hitmen hired for the job are thought to be locals from the area, but are still currently on the loose, whilist police have stepped up the chase to find them.

The assassination took place are around 8am in the morning and it didn’t take police long to issue an arrest warrant for the wife, Raewadee Seedarot, aged 55 years old.

She was arrested soon after and brought down to the station for questioning. At first she was adamant she was not involved, but after intense questioning by officers, she broke down in tears and admitted contacting a middle man to hire the hitmen.

The wife said that she had paid 17,000 baht up front and was due to pay the rest on completion of the crime. But she was arrested before she could pay.

A 39 year old Thai man, Arundech (Dech) Janprung was the middle man who arranged the hit on behalf of Mrs Seedarot has also been arrested but so far, denies all accusation against him.

Raewadee said she ordered the hit after confronting her husband many times over an affair with a young woman. She said that she was constantly beaten by him in relation to the affair that he would not end.

Things eventually became too much for her, and she decided to take matters into her own hands and have him removed.

Thung Song police expect that it won’t be too long before they track down the wanted gunmen and bring them in for questioning. Police believe this will force “Dech” to have to change his story and admit the charges put against him.

Police were very pleased with their work in the case, which became a national news headline, and were quick to pat themselves on the back.

“We solved the crime in just one day,” said a spokesman at Thung Song station.

Both the wife and the alleged organizer of the hit have been detained as the hunt for the gunmen continues.

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