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Thai government party legalizing prostitution

A Thai government party has set itself the goal of legalizing prostitution.

The “Thai Civilized Party” has requested the creation of a House Committee to assess and analyze the prospect of legalizing prostitution in Thailand.

The decriminalization is, at least in part, an attempt to curb corruption, as if sex for money were legal because government officials are unable to compel sex workers and others in the industry to pay illegal bribes.

Legalization, however, would prevent the corruption of state officials who solicit bribes from prostitutes to avoid their illegal activities. 

A deputy chairman of the party’s working group on women’s rights said yesterday that prostitution in Thailand will still exist even as the government fights it and enacts anti-trafficking laws.

“Due to outdated laws, some officials are claiming that this industry does not officially exist, and some government officials are even making ridiculous statements claiming there is no prostitution in Thailand.”

The legalization of prostitution and sex work could also attract more foreign visitors, which Thailand so badly needs right now if they could legally visit speciality massage parlours, lounges, gentlemen’s clubs, soapy massages and brothels.

In addition, it is estimated that more than 500,000 sex workers currently working in Thailand would be legally recognized, potentially helping them receive some government benefits during Covid19 or future pandemics. 

The Thai Civilized Party leader explained the pressure to legalize prostitution.

“People who work in the sex worker do not have basic rights or social security. Therefore, the party decided to prepare the motion to the council to consider establishing such an extraordinary committee. The government is also considering proposals for other “grey” areas such as casinos. It is important to finally address and legalize this issue, which will also help end corruption.”

Sex workers and night workers had gathered in Bangkok earlier this week, protesting for Covid19 aid, as the government has offered rescue packages and financial aid to many sectors and jobs, but the world’s oldest profession has been cut off from financial aid.

And once it’s legalized, it could be a lucrative source of revenue for the government as it will be taxed, just like efforts to create a legalized casino complex and the current government fixation on expanding legalization and the use of cannabis in the country of Thailand.

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