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Thai dog learns how to open office door for somewhere to sleep at night

A clever stray dog has learned how to open an officedoor using its two front paws so it has somewhere to sleep at night.

The stray dog stands on its hind legs and uses its front pawsto enter the office toilet of a government building in Saraburi, central Thailand.

The dog, which has been named Joey by employees, enters the restroom to sleep at night before the building closes down.

Joey started entering the building earlier this year to escape rain at night.

The people working in the building have become so fond of Joey’s cheeky antics, they now let him open the door and sleep inside every night.

One of the office workers, Pariphat Suanthip, said the dogdoesn’t make a mess and is gentle towards people.

Pariphat said: “We did not train him to do that, he just did that by himself and we were amazed after seeing him open the door for the first time.

“He is such a loving creature. He responds to his name now and doesn’t make a mess or noise because there are people working outside.”The pooch, estimated to be four-years-old, is given food by workers and security personnel who sometimes take it with them to do patrols outside before sleeping in the toilet again. Joey wakes up at sunrise, opens the door, and spends the day wandering the streets around the building.

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