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Thai actress stuns fans with makeup-free selfies

Thai actress

Thai actress stuns fans with makeup-free selfies

Chicha Amatayakul, who became popular for her role in the Thai drama Girl From Nowhere, is often called the “Thai version of Tomie” as her long black hair and mole under one eye hint at the signature look of the manga character created by Japanese horror mangaka Junji-Ito.

The 27-year-old star pulled off the role of a high school student effortlessly, as her natural beauty shines through even without makeup.

Amatayakul, whose nickname is Kitty, was born on Aug 5, 1993. 

She recently shared the story behind her unusual nickname, as her mother was giving birth to her, her father was rushing his way back home from Japan, he randomly picked Hello Kitty as a gift along the way and later learned that it was a popular character, hence named her “Kitty”.

At the age of 17, she debuted in a girl group called Kiss Me Five, but her busy schedule with high school studies led her to quit soon after. 

Despite graduating with a Bachelor of Law degree, her love for theatre led her to return to the industry as a screenwriter and later switched to acting, starring in TV series including Lhong Fai and Net I Die.

PHOTO: Instagram/kittychicha

However, her initial work didn’t generate much buzz, and it wasn’t until her 2018 appearance in the Netflix drama Girl From Nowhere that she shot to fame in Thai showbiz as the beautiful and mysterious high school girl Nano.

She became popular in Taiwan this year as the drama began to draw the attention of Taiwanese fans.

Her wicked smile that sent chills down the spine of the audience was one of the most memorable moments in the series, as viewers were both terrified and mesmerised by her beauty at the same time.

As one of the few stars considered to be prettier without makeup, Kitty regularly posts make-up free photos of herself on Instagram, wowing fans with her dewy, pimple-free skin.

She has attracted 1.2 million followers since her rise to fame and is currently filming the second season of Girl From Nowhere, with many fans looking forward to her return.

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