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Tenant discovers landlord has been secretly living with her all along


A female tenant asked for advice online after realizing that the landlord has been secretly living inside the room with her all along.

After moving in, she noticed that the small tank inside the bathroom seemed to be refilled when she came home. At first one might consider paranormal activities to be the cause, but the truth is perhaps even scarier than any ghost.

The tenant stated that there was always more water in the tank than before she left. The truth was revealed when the landlord admitted to coming in every day. 

The post was made on a Facebook page named Warin Chamrap Banhao from Ubon Ratchathani Province stating “Dear admin, I want to ask for advice about a woman renting a room.

I saw a sign on the gate about a room for rent in Warin Chamrap District. The landlord asked for a 1-month deposit with a condition that the deposit will be returned only if the tenant stays for at least 6 months. After 7 days I realized someone was in the room after the water tank was refilled.

Then one day I intentionally used all the water in the tank and left in the morning. 

When I returned in the evening the tank had been cleaned and refilled. I decided to ask the landlord about this.

He admitted to coming into the room whenever I was outside. Nothing personal was damaged or stolen but still, it is not right to come to use the room rented out to a female tenant. He tried to pass it off like this was not happening.

I feel unsafe for my belongings and my safety. I decided to leave but the landlord insists on keeping the deposit because I was there for less than 6 months. I want to ask for advice on the next steps to take”. The tenant left right away as the male landlord kept coming into the room whenever he felt like it. 

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