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TEN Thais kick Irish tourist unconscious in Pattaya

Irish tourist

An Irish tourist was beaten up in a Pattaya street after a quarrel in a pub early Monday morning – on his first night out after arriving in the city on holiday.

Police were informed of the assault in Soi 7 Pattaya Beach Road about 3.30 am.

At the scene they found Bart O’Grady, 46, only half-conscious and with a severely bleeding face.

After receiving first aid, he told police in tears that he had arrived in Pattaya less than 24 hours earlier, only to be attacked.

He visited an entertainment venue on the road and had a quarrel. Later, about 10 men attacked him.

He believed they were the security guards at the pub.

The men knocked him down and he did not see any of them when he recovered.



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