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Teddy’s Burgers Superb burgers from Hawaii has now opened a new branch in Terminal21 shopping mall Pattaya, Thailand. Deliver happiness through taste:

Buy any one item and get one free

From now and only for one week, buy any item on our menu and get a second for free…

Hunger-busting patties are the order of the day at this Hawaiian burger franchise

Teddy’s Burgers is a number one original brand from Hawaii, USA whose new branch is going to be opened to deliver happiness through the taste of food in Pattaya, Thailand. Through the difference in taste, Teddy’s Burgers has grown and expanded to important cities in many countries e.g. Japan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, etc. Teddy’s Burgers was also nominated and voted to be Hawaii’s Best Burgers, the best superb burgers consecutively for 17 years.

Teddy’s Burgers Superb burgers from Hawaii is being more than fast food through the use of premium grade meats & ingredients and the quality of their meticulously flavored burgers. Its food safety is guaranteed by the use of Teddy’s Burgers’ own original recipe. Every burger is freshly made by order using Ground Chuck beef 100% without the mixture of flour or synthesized substances. Teddy’s Burgers focus on the use of good quality ingredients, no additives or preservatives and is uniquely presented to be a DIY (Do it yourself) burger whose ingredients can be selected by diners with 6 types of seasoning sauces i.e. spicy, Teddy’s special, black pepper, BBQ, Wasabi and teriyaki. Apart from burgers, Teddy’s Burgers also provide various services of other food types e.g. Cheese meatball Au Gratin, Loco moco rice, etc.
THE words small, medium and large don’t exist in the lexicon of Teddy’s Bigger Burgers (TBB). When it comes to meat between a bun, there’s simply a choice of Big, Bigger, and Biggest.

Fortunately this doesn’t translate into quantity over quality. Adhering to the principles established at the first TBB, which opened at the foot of Diamond Head, Hawaii, in 1998, each branch of this franchise specializes in substantial patties made from 100 percent ground chuck (no fillers or binders) – all charbroiled to order.

More quick service than fast food, TBB is all about making its burgers worth the wait. This means you can expect your order to actually look and taste as good as the tempting pictures on the menu suggest. And each burger comes packed with high quality ingredients and a generous dollop of TBB’s secret sauce – a bit like Thousand Island dressing but more sweet and tangy.






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