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Teacher snips student hair, gives the kid 120 to not tell mom

The story was shared by a Facebook Page online named “Education for Liberation of Siam” aimed towards positively developing the education system in Thailand along with providing students with the rights that they deserve. A teacher in Khon Kaen Province cut a grade 7 student’s hair in right above his head on the 23rd of this month (August 2019) leaving a visible mark.

The student in this incident has a burn scar on his face, he is already struggling with self-confidence and the teacher snipped his hair without thinking of how it would affect the student. Other teachers at the same school strongly disagree with the teacher’s action but none confronted the teacher with fear of getting themselves in trouble.


The group stated in the post “We received this complaint about a grade 7 student in Khon Kaen who got his hair snipped above his face. The child already has issues with the burn scar on his face. The teacher’s action made the boy’s self-esteem even worse.”

After the Facebook Page shared the story they were contacted by the school to delete the post. The Page refused to take the post down as it felt like the school was trying to protect the teacher, not the student who was embarrassed in front of all his friends.

The boy was given 120 THB from the teacher who cut his hair. The teacher told him to not tell his parents about what happened to his hair or who did it. This is a shocking detail as her attempt to bribe the boy with money shows that she realized what she did was wrong on some level.

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