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Teacher claims she’s ‘too short’ for sex position with school boy

A MARRIED teacher denied romping with a pupil in a field – telling a court that, at 5ft tall, she was “too short” for it to be physically possible.

Kandice Barber, 35, is accused of straddling the 15-year-old in her 4×4, having sex in a field and performing a sex act on him in woodland.

The defendant denies three counts of causing or inciting a child aged under 16 years to engage in a sexual act
The defendant denies three counts of causing or inciting a child aged under 16 years to engage in a sexual actCredit: Facebook

But the mum was so “tiny” she only came up to the teenager’s shoulder – making the logistics of their alleged romps impossible, her lawyer today said.

The jury was told Barber had already been convicted of messaging the lad a video of her performing a sex act on her bed.

But Nadia Chbat, defending, told Amersham Law Courts the alleged physical trysts never took place.

Ms Chbat told the now 18-year-old complainant: “You told the police that you were stood behind her. You had pulled your clothes down.

“You accept she is quite tiny, only about five feet isn’t she, so you were taller than her at the time weren’t you?

“You did not even think she could reach your shoulders at the time would she?”

Two of the alleged romps took place from October 2018 before the boy’s 16th birthday, with one reportedly taking place afterwards.

The court heard the second occasion took place where Barber drove them to the side of a busy main road and parked so the boy could perform a sex act on her.

They then got out of the car and she gave him oral sex, it is said.

Barber denies the allegations
Barber denies the allegations Credit: Facebook

Ms Chbat said: “Let us just understand, you then get out of the car and walk to a little wooded area – that is where she, you say, performed oral sex on you.

“Why would you get out of the car at all? She is on top of you and you are performing a sexual act in the car. What was the need to get out of the car?

“Presumably it would have been just a matter of her body being moved down further on your trouser area?

“Instead, a decision was made to get out of the car and walk into the wooded area.

“You both walk to this wooded area and that is when you then lie down in the wooded area and you say she performed oral sex on you.”

The boy told the court they had to get out of the car because his teacher had parked right next to a busy main road near to his home in Buckinghamshire.

Jurors yesterday heard allegations the defendant had threatened to ‘bring the complainant down’ if he reported her.

The court was told the defendant texted the boy while teaching him in class, including one read out to jurors which said: “You cannot make me blush when I am teaching now, poker face.”

It was heard rumours began to swirl around the school where Barber taught and the boy was interviewed by his headmaster, although he denied everything.


In one message reportedly found on the complainant’s phone, the boy claimed Barber had threatened to “bring him down” if he told anyone about their relationship.

It was also alleged that Barber told the boy she was pregnant – but later called him to say she’d suffered a miscarriage.

Barber later admitted to police that she’d had an ectopic pregnancy, which was “well known throughout the school”. The unborn child was fathered by her husband, she said.

The boy told specialist cops: “She had told me she could be pregnant with my child and I began to panic. I lied to pretty much everyone except my friends.

She said that if I was going to snitch, snake on her basically, she was going to bring me down with her.


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