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Rayong mother alleges teacher beat son with metal ruler

teacher beat son

A Rayong mother on Tuesday filed a complaint with police, alleging that a teacher had beaten her son with a metal ruler because he could not catch up with friends in reading in class.

Teacher beat son: The 24-year-old mother, Thassanee (surname withheld), showed police her son’s bruised right shoulder during a class after the lunch break.

She alleged that her son’s class master at a school in Rayong’s Muang district used a metal ruler to hit the boy on his face, arms, body and shoulder.

The shoulder was the most injured as the ruler hit a bone, she said.

The mother said the boy’s grandmother first noticed the bruise after taking off the six-year-old’s shirt when he arrived home. Questioning the boy, she learned that the headmaster had hit him for failing to catch up with friends during a Thai reading class.

The mother claimed that the teacher admitted punishing the boy.

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