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Summary of the high-Speed Rail Conference, 3 Airport in Thailand

Summary of the high-Speed Rail Conference, 3 Airport                                                   (Don Muang-Suvarnabhumi-U Tapao) 30 Aug. at Pattaya

1. Use the course of course, a high-speed train program from a high-Speed Rail Program.
(both of these projects studied and made eia.)
2. Eia to do more, there’s just a way to run into the garage and running from the east turn     into the suvarnabhumi area. Also in the programme that study. According to 1, if the           education around this round, there’s more impact on the car walk. Add,                             need to fix more eia.

3. Mainly, there’s a two-way car walk, and the rail rail link is the same and high-speed             train.
4. Train Rail Rail, the original link is also running in Don Mueang-Suvarnabhumi                       (Don Muang – Bang Sue – Payathai- Ratchaparop-Makasan-Ramkhamhaeng-Huamark-         Baan Tap Chang-Lard Krabung- suvarnabhumi)
5. The Ratchaviti station canceled because the orange line hasn’t been connected here.
6. Station at high speed train will be stop are : Don Muang – Bang Sue – Makasan- Suvarnabhumi- ChaChoengsao-Chon Buri- Sri Racha- Pattaya- U Tapao- Rayong
7. Range in Bangkok. High-speed train will serve the express express line.
8. If in the future, high-speed train has a higher frequency, will cancel airport rail link line       to use red line.
9. High-speed rail walk is also separate from starting point  – destination no stop.                   Take 1 hours. And a normal car parked every station by 6 SPENT 2 hours.
10. Have a new maintenance center for a high-speed train at ChaChoengsao.
11. Lines, most of the lines will be taken through the same train. There are some corners         that need to get more.
12. Recipient walk can choose a wide-body vehicle (need to improve the original ARL                station) or a small body vehicle (no need to improve station).
13. Use ETCS level 2 of the mandate system
14. During Don Muang-Suvarnabhumi Limit 160 km/h watch. From Suvarnabhumi-Rayong       use speed 250 km/h watch.
15. Running into the garage airport, the preliminary route is to wait for the essence of the         garage airport to determine the station.
16. Long Station 210 meters (as long as airport rail, rail link supported 10 cabinet)
17. The future has a plan to reach Trat Province
18. Predictions passengers 2023 during Don Muang- Suvarnabhumi 103,920 Pax/Trip/Day        of Suvarnabhumi-Rayong 65,630 Pax/Trip/Day
19. Construction Plans 2018 open in 2023  (2561-2566)

Credit page:, Pattaya Watchdog

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