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Suicide or murder? Handicapped man found hanging from tree

At 11am, on the morning of October 1, Pattaya police and Sawang Boriboon medics were called to Soi Land Department 4M, Banglamung after a body had been found hanging from a tree.

One hundred meters from the top of the soi the body of twenty-three year old Mr. Kisana Bahardu was discovered hanging from a coconut tree in an area of wasteland. Medics detected a head wound.

The victim’s brother, thirty-one year old Mr Du Kar Bahardu, said he had been looking for his sibling since September 28. On the morning of the 1st, as he continued his search, locals told him of an obnoxious smell coming from the wasteland. He went to investigate and found his brother’s bicycle and then body.

Investigating officers initially suspected suicide although Mr Bahardu doubted this as his brother had a disability and was unable to climb trees. Instead he is convinced he was attacked by a Burmese gang who had accused him of stealing a mobile phone and attacked him earlier in the week.

This gang are well known for intimidating and bullying their fellow Burmese nationals in Pattaya.

The police were unable to closely inspect the head wound due to the onset of decomposition and have sent the body to the forensic department for autopsy.

An investigation will begin.

Report by BangkokJack News Team

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