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Stranded abroad then HAMMERED by airport parking fees

Stranded abroad

A deputy at the Airports Authority of Thailand has described as “a misunderstanding” after someone who parked their car at Suvarnabhumi airport since March while they were stranded abroad, were asked to pay nearly 60,000 baht.

After a clip went viral Suthat Suwannapongsai was at pains to point out that the airport authority were willing to listen to hardship cases for those who had left their cars.

Reductions had already been given to some people who had presented evidence.

Suthat said that the person in this case left their car in Zone 2 from 21st March to 14th November.

They were still stranded abroad due to the pandemic and instructed a friend to come and pick up the car.

The fee was 250 baht a day for 239 days – a total of 59,750 baht.

The parking attendant explained to the friend that they could appeal for a lower fee by presenting evidence of outbound and inbound flights and cancellations.

The friend said they were prepared to pay and was not willing to wait and supply documentation.

Suthat said that 6 people had already received help from Suvarnabhumi in reducing charges. – Sanook

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