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Stone-Throwing Gang at Motorway led by a 12 year old

Stone-Throwing Gang at Motorway led by a 12 year old

A news Facebook Page called “Ton Kaow Ton Prakarn” posted this story on the 12th of this month (August 2019). They had finally discovered the culprits belonging to a rock-throwing gang attacking random vehicles driving on the motorway. The shocking fact is that the leader of the 5-person gang is only 12 years old and the reason behind the attacks was simply, “just for fun”.

The Bang Phli Noi Police in Samut Prakan Province went to a home located in Bang Bo District at 2 pm. They brought in 5 youngsters aged 12 to 16 years old to the police station for inquiry relating the incidents that took place on the 10th.


2 days prior, during the night of the 10th, a truck driving on the motorway heading to Chonburi province was attacked with a huge stone. The stone came in through the windshield and injured the driver’s hand, if it would have continued straight to the driver’s head, things would’ve been much worse. Other drivers on the same road feared driving through as they could meet the same fate as the truck driver.

The vehicle that they used was a motorbike. The rock that was used to attack the truck driver weighed 4.9 kilograms. There was also another rock found with the motorbike that weighs 2 kilograms. The 12-year-old admitted to the police that he was the leader of the gang. The members of the gang all come from the same village and are all older than him. They have done this many times, usually, he will invite them and together they drive to the side of the motorway before throwing some rocks at random vehicles.

Their goal is to throw rocks onto roofs of the vehicles so that it makes a crashing sound. This time instead of hitting the roof, the rock broke the windshield. The gang quickly went home to hide and pretend like nothing happened the night before. The young members insist that their intention was only to have some fun.


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